Friday, May 8, 2009

The Studying Continues: 36 Days to Go!

Mrs. FSOwannabe and I took the Dept. of State's FSOT practice test.  We didn't take the essay portion, just the multiple-choice sections on English Expression and Job Knowledge.  All in all, not bad.  Mrs. Wannabe got  35/50 correct on the Job Knowledge section and a whopping 69/70 correct on the English Expression section.   I was not quite as grammatically correct; obtaining a 38/50 on the Job Knowledge and 64/70 on the English Expression.  I have no idea how these results on the practice test might indicate how we might do on the actual exam, since the actual FSOT score is based not only on how well you do, but how well everyone else does.  That being said, I think we're good on the English Expression portion of the exam.

As we are around 5 weeks out from taking the FSOT, we are planning to practice timed exams three times a week; and take practice AP US and World History multiple choice tests.  Based on the practice exam, I definitely have to work on my understanding of management principles.