Saturday, July 17, 2010

Port Louis, Mauritius!

My study buddy was posted to Port Louis, Mauritius! Mauritius is the small island to the east of Madagascar. How neat is that?! I know absolutely nothing about this country. But it looks like a very exciting post. Pain in the ass to get to, I imagine, but a wonderful place to work and explore. It was one of her high wish-list posts - French-speaking, in Africa, and it has a fusion of different cultures. Just wonderfully exciting! I imagine most of her fellow A-100'ers are very jealous. Here are some google pics of Port Louis and Mauritius:

I have a hard time imagining being disappointed in any post, but that's probably pretty easy for me to say since I'm not even active on the register. That being said, my buddy looks like she's going to have an amazing adventure starting in 2011!


Bfiles said...

oh, wow, that's awesome! I posted about mauritius a while back...yes, her colleagues are probably very jealous!!! My only issue would be the whole isolated in the middle of the ocean thing, but it looks ridiculously amazing. it's apparently the country w consistently the most bids in africa.
i know about people going to lima and manila...envious about both!!

fsowannabe said...

I knew I had read someone's blog post a while back about wanting to go to Mauritius! I forgot it was you! Well, if you want her contact info, I'm sure she'd be happy to talk to you about her experiences, as well as what Mauritius is like once she gets there.