Friday, November 23, 2012

Starting Over

It's a strange place to still be blogging on this site. Two offers received; two offers rejected. I made the decision to say no, and I have to live with it. I guess I decided to gamble on something that was far more important to me. Sadly, I lost that gamble. And now I'm back to the FS process. I have stayed away from the A-100 boards, so I have no idea what the registers are like anymore. Given that the economy is still treading water, I can't imagine they are very short. When I take the exam again in February, I will sign up for the econ register again I imagine. Although, and this is somewhat funny, my experience as a professor has me leaning towards the consular register. Never thought I'd say that - but my feelings about consular have changed quite a bit. Maybe it's that I feel a need for service to my fellow man, and the consular track does seem like the most hands on with respect to helping others. But who knows - that is an impression of the outside looking in. Maybe it's completely different. One of my former study buddies, a PD track FSO, hated his consular posting and felt like it was all about getting through X hundred plus applicants a day and not about doing good work. Funny, I do feel like I'm following the bubbles. First, as a structured finance attorney. Second, as a law professor (apps have been declining tremendously). Now, I'll probably be applying for a job in the government just in time for some massive budget cutting/hiring freezes.

Sunday, November 4, 2012


I'm sure everyone has a favorite band that never really made it big. I do. They made one album. One album only. And except for exceedingly limited airplay in the US, their music extended its life by being picked up for various TV and movie show background filler. Love the band, love their only album. Best band that never made it. Transister was a Gorillaz before there was a Gorillaz - three artists from very divergent backgrounds that made one kick-ass album from beginning to end. And then they went their separate ways (although 2 of them later married). This album came out almost 15 years ago - and maybe it's just me - but I think their music has stood up pretty well. OK. Enough screwing around. Back to the red ink.

Suicide by Grading

I'm currently in the midst of grading a batch of projects from my law classes. Over the past year, I've often prayed for death, but I actually break out the sacrificial lamb, candles, and ram's head altar during grading season. Anything to make it end. Absolutely, incredibly excruciating. On another note, I successfully presented my unorthodox thoughts regarding legal education at a law prof conference at Emory this weekend. Despite some blowback, I think it went well. I might even have changed some peoples' minds about the how's and why's of what they teach at law school. Anyhow, I'm only posting to avoid the stack of papers mocking my weakness. Back to the horror.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Musical Interlude

So it's been a while.  Some tunes I've been listening to - all from a similar sound spectrum.  I'm off to present at a conference this weekend, so I'll probably pop back up next week.  Thanks for your comments and emails, all.