Monday, February 4, 2013

How to Ace the Bio Section of the FSOT

For those of you taking the FSOT in February, I have some advice on how to do well on the biographical portion of the exam.  Like all advice, take it with a grain of salt.  I'm not a test-designer, nor do I have any special education in personality analysis.  That being said, I have done very well on the bio portion in the past, and I have suspicions as to why.  So here it is:

1.  Know your history.  Before taking the FSOT, spend some time with your resume.  Make sure you know what you've put there and be able to regurgitate it.

2.  Be consistent.  Typical examinations of biographical information/personality analysis will ask the same questions in different ways to see if you're answering honestly or at least consistently.  While taking the FSOT, try and remember the questions so that when you come across a repeater, you answer it consistently with any previous answers.

3.  It's a race.  I haven't looked at the number of questions or time alloted for the bio portion of the FSOT, and I'm too lazy to google the answer, but I recall that you have to be able to answer and get on to the next question asap.  If you follow #1 and #2, this won't be a problem.

4.  The 13 D's.  Most of the Foreign Service application process is designed to see how well you fit with the 13 dimensions, as well as your suitability for a life of living abroad.  Think of examples from your life that show how you are a living example of a great FSO.

That's all I have.  Maybe it helps, maybe not.  Regardless, good luck all you February FSOT'ers!

UPDATE:  Sorry, it's late for the February test-takers, but I forgot to add: Don't be modest when answering the Bio section.  Be proud of your accomplishments!  Whether you realize it or not, the FSOT is an interview.  So treat it as such.


Aritul said...

Thanks for the tips.

Unknown said...

Well done, and surely not the first time. Thank you

Unknown said...

Well done, and surely not the first time. Thank you